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Paul jasmin has had a long career as a fashion and art photographer. He was born in helena, montana and in 1954 left to begin an amazing journey that would take him to paris, morocco, new york and eventually “the city of dreams”, los angeles.

Paul had been an illustrator, a painter and an actor, before picking up a camera- at his friend, photographer bruce weber’s urging. Paul’s images of real and imagined dreamers evoke a sensual and glamorous ideal while firmly rooted in reality.

His editorial work appears in vogue, teen vogue, gq, details, v magazine, v man, vogue homme, w, and interview. He lives and works in los angeles where he teaches at the art center college of design in pasadena, california.

Paul's photography books include the much- acclaimed hollywood cowboy (2002) and its follow up, lost angeles (2004). In december 2010, steidl/7l published paul's long awaited third book, california dreaming.
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彼はこれまでにVOGUE、TEEN VOGUE、GQ、DETAILS、V MAGAZINE、V MAN、VOGUE HOMME、Wなどの雑誌やインタビュー、その他(サックス・フィフス・アベニューやノードストロームなどの)数多くの広告の撮影を手掛けてきました。

現在彼はロサンゼルス在住。カリフォルニア州パサディナにある美大として有名な大学、アートセンター・カレッジ・オブ・デザインで教鞭をとっており、ソフィア・コッポラは彼の生徒の1人でもあることで有名です。 彼の出した写真集は、高く評価された“ハリウッドカーボーイ”(2002年)、その続編の“ロスト アンジェルス”(2004年)、そして “カリフォルニア ドリーミング”(2010年)の3作品がSteidl社から出版されています。

-Message From PAUL JASMIN-

I always tell my students, 'show me your fantasy life -this is what I want to see. 'American Beauty is about youth and beauty. It is about people who, when I see their faces, I long to photograph them. They are images from my own fantasy life -how I would like to see the world. They keep me dreaming.


-Message From SOFIA COPPOLA- (Text by Kunichi Nomura)

I met Paul Jasmin as a teacher at Art Center, and we did photos together when I was 19 or 20 when I met him. He's the coolest, I loved talking to him about photography and old films, and still do. He was one of the first people who encouraged me that I had a point of view with how I looked at girls and he always pushed me to take pictures and encouraged me as a film maker. He was an important person to me starting my career, and he's still a close friend. I love his photos, he understands beauty and style.


■Exhibition:American Beauty
■Day:11/6 - 1/31